Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In today’s world, you use your smartphone, tablet or laptop for many important activities such as browsing, chatting, transacting etc. Your smart device contains a lot of personal and confidential information, including contacts and data. If your device is lost or damaged, it can bring your life to a standstill!

FoneSafe Classic is a product that provides complete security for your smart device. FoneSafe Classic is a product by CPP Assistance Services Pvt. Ltd., a UK based MNC with more than thirty (30) years of experience of providing assistance products to more than 4 million customers. FoneSafe Classic protects your valuable smartphone with features such as F-Secure SAFE Device Security (for smartphone, tablet), F-Secure Internet Security (for laptop, PC), temporary smartphone replacement service and protection of your smart device against damage,FoneSafe Classic also provides you single number assistance for all your queries about the membership.

Yes, there is a dedicated helpline number for FoneSafe Classic. You can contact 1860-258-3030 (Monday – Sunday, 11 am to 9 pm) for all your queries related to yourFoneSafe Classic membership.

Your FoneSafe Classic membership is valid for twelve (12) months from the date of purchase

Yes, you can buy FoneSafe Classic membership for up to fifteen (15) days from day of purchase of your smart device

Powered by F-Secure, one of the world’s leading online security companies, F-Secure SAFE Device Security provides robust, convenient protection for your smartphone, tablet with a 12-month subscription. F-Secure SAFE Device Security protects your smartphone, tablet with features such as remote data lock & wipe, GPS tracking, scream alarm, Parental Control and Banking Protection.

Download Instructions for F-Secure SAFE Device Security on your smartphone/tablet:

Step 1: Go to and enter the product key printed provided in your welcome pack. Your unique license key will be displayed on the screen

Step 2: Click on the link 'Click here to start using SAFE' which will prompt you to the login screen, where you will need to create your log-in account

Step 3: Complete your account creation process by confirming the link sent to your e-mail address

Step 4: Click on the link 'Add device' and follow the instructions given to complete the ‘Add device’ process

Step 5: Post adding your device, you will be prompted to download the F-Secure SAFE Device Security app from the appropriate app store on to your device

Step 6: Once the app is downloaded, log-in into your F-Secure account using the credentials created in the previous step

Step 7: Your F-Secure SAFE Device Security subscription is now active on your device!

Your FoneSafe Classic membership protects your smartphone with F-Secure SAFE Device Security. One of the key features of the application is that locates the exact location of your device on a map. You can use this feature to track your missing smartphone.

In case your phone suffers accidental or liquid damage, please inform us by calling our dedicated helpline number 1860-258-3030 (Monday – Sunday, 11 am to 9 pm) within 24 hours of the incident. You will need to get the device repaired from an authorized service centre. Our call-centre will be happy to guide you to the nearest authorized service centre.

You will be informed about the documents required to be submitted for the claims processing, which you will have to send to the address specified. The complete set of documents will be sent to the insurer’s office for claim processing. In case any further documents are required for claim processing, you will be asked to provide the same.